Shin Young Lucia

GE Healthcare Design System

Design System, UX/UI Design

Centralizing UX and UI for a suite of global products

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GE Healthcare's global design system is centralizating UX and UI practices. The ecosystem strives to strengthen production efficiency, product usability, and brand coherency.

I'm currently in GEHC's global design system, establishing UX and UI standards and guidelines for a suite of global products. I deliver components and patterns through the end-to-end process. I'm leading UI kits, providing pre-made drag-and-drop assets and components.

Note: I'm unable to share any artifacts due to legal reasons.

Delivering components and patterns through end-to-end process

Under a creative director, I deliver component and pattern design through the end-to-end UX process. I gather requirements from GEHC UX community and define MVP with development. I further research interaction and visual patterns. Based on research, I explore different design solutions. I refine and iterate exploration through prototyping, critique, and community feedback. After hand-off, I work with engineers and use Dev Tool to clarify specs and conduct QA.

Faster, better, and more accurate – building design tool at scale

UI toolkit (e.g. Sketch Library) began at the end of 2018 as a self-initiated project by me and my co-worker. Since then, I've been leading this project from planning a roadmap, building architecture, to maintaining the kits. There are 5 kits – global assets (colors, typography, grids, and icons) and desktop and touch, each of which is available in light and dark themes. The global kit currently contains 100+ icons and each theme-based kit has 40+ components.

The goal of the kit is to allow designers to accelerate workflow and focus on solving a bigger problem. To do so, I have facilitated virtual and in-person trainings on Sketch and the kit. I also gather feedback and feature requests from the GEHC UX community in order to make kits easier and more robust.

What's next?

“Design system is a living document”. Our team continues to evolve the ecosystem.